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site web Veto-pharma
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Véto-pharma website: discover the new version (+ contest 🔥!)

The Véto-pharma team has just launched its brand new website!

This new website, we wanted it much more informative than the previous one. You will find a library of resources (containing videos, practical sheets, PDF, …), particularly on varroa mites, nutrition and the Asian hornet. Our goal? To make this resource base into a true information platform on beekeeping and bee health.

More resources on varroa mites and the Asian hornet

The website is now structured around the “Solutions” pages, which give you synthetic information on varroa mites and the Asian hornet. These pages will evolve over time to include new information, such as biotechnical control methods against varroa mites.

As for the resource library, you can already find documents such as:

As soon as our team finalises a new document, we will upload it to this library to complete your reading

Our product pages have also been completely revised to provide you with as much practical information as possible – as well as the latest resources and blog posts available on the product in question.

We hope this new site will meet your information needs. Please feel free to email us at to share your thoughts on this new version.

CONTEST – Launch of the new site 🔥

We have hidden a link on one of the pages of the site (“Well done, you found me!”). By clicking on this hidden link, you will be able to enter our raffle and possibly win a €150 gift certificate to the beekeeping equipment distributor of your choice. You have until May 3, 2022 to find the link and fill out your information!

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