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The Véto-pharma apiary celebrates its tenth anniversary: A decade of innovation and commitment

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Since it was set up ten years ago, Véto-pharma’s experimental apiary has become a symbol of commitment and innovation for the health of bees, an essential part of our biodiversity and global food security.

Faced with the beekeeping industry’s challenges and emerging threats to bee colonies, Véto-pharma has embarked on a relentless quest to find new solutions. This is the story of a company that has made bee health its central mission, combining know-how, science, passion and innovation.

1. Our mission: to provide new solutions to support beekeepers

What new solutions and devices will be available in the future to combat varroa mites?

How can we combat current bee predators such as the Asian hornet, be agile in the face of the arrival of new parasites and predators, and support colony decline in the face of changing environments impacted by intensive farming practices, monocultures and climate change? These are just some of the questions that worry beekeepers and researchers worldwide.

The men and women involved in the future of colonies at Véto-pharma are aware of the urgent need to propose new solutions.

2. The strategic turning point in 2012

In 2012, Véto-pharma made a bold and visionary decision: to devote itself entirely to bee health, with a clear objective to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to protect these tireless workers.

In 2013, Véto-pharma launched the project to set up an experimental apiary, the symbol of a strategy focused 100% on bee health. With increased investment in innovation and research, the company aims for total autonomy and complete control over its trials, as well as consolidating its technical references on its products and the competition.

This ambitious project has come to fruition thanks to meticulous preparation, the support of the municipality of Chaillac (36), where Véto-pharma’s industrial plant is located, and the expertise of a passionate team, demonstrating from the outset Véto-pharma’s commitment to sustainable beekeeping.

Le rucher Véto-pharma souffle ses dix bougies : Une décennie d'Innovation et d’engagement

3. A team committed to sustainable solutions for the beekeeping industry

Behind every success story are exceptional men and women. The Véto-pharma apiary team, comprised of researchers, technicians, and dedicated beekeepers, has worked together to set up innovative testing protocols and carry out crucial research into bee health. The arrival of advanced technologies has revolutionised working methods, enabling faster and more efficient analysis of the data collected.

Le rucher Véto-pharma souffle ses dix bougies : Une décennie d'Innovation et d’engagement

4. Challenges, successes and gradual, steady progress

Over the years, the apiary has expanded significantly, reflecting the changing research and development needs. The gradual increase in the number of colonies, from 100 to 300 in just a few years, has made it possible to broaden the spectrum of trials and studies considerably.

This growth has led to valuable data acquisition and stimulated innovation in the fight against varroa mites and other bee-related problems.

More than 100 active ingredients have been tested since 2018, and some have shown promise for the future. Véto-pharma devotes almost 10% of its turnover to R&D projects. These investments are at the heart of the company’s global strategy and illustrate its unwavering ambition to offer solutions to beekeepers.

Le rucher Véto-pharma souffle ses dix bougies : Une décennie d'Innovation et d’engagement

Each new study and innovation has helped enrich Véto-pharma’s product range while underlining the importance of collaboration with recognised research institutions. Strategic partnerships with various scientific institutes, such as the one with Canada’s Simon Fraser University, have opened up new avenues in the fight against threats to bees.

5. Towards a promising future

Over the last ten years, Véto-pharma has consolidated its position as a leader in the fight against varroa mites and has also developed a rich history of innovation and collaboration. It’s a story that shows what can be achieved when passion, innovation and commitment come together. The company has forged a close link between people and science, moving forward hand in hand and illustrating a harmonious collaboration between nature and technology.


The challenges of the future are significant. However, its commitment to innovation, working with the industry, developing support for beekeepers in the fight against predators/parasites to make professional beekeeping viable, and providing information about the vital importance of bees is undeniable. The future promises to be rich, offering a still virgin canvas on which Véto-pharma is ready to draw a sustainable future for pollinators, including bees and beekeeping.


This decade is just the beginning of an adventure that continues to inspire, reminding everyone of the crucial importance of protecting our most precious allies: bees. Véto-pharma looks to the future with hope and continues to take concrete initiatives to positively influence the bee ecosystem and our planet’s food system.


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