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Fighting Varroa Destructor

How to build an effective strategy for monitoring and combating the most notorious bee parasite?
Our aim is to make a valuable contribution to the global fight against Varroa by enhancing beekeepers' knowledge. This menace affects beekeepers worldwide, and by expanding their understanding of Varroa, we hope to assist in this battle. We provide you with articles, comprehensive files, quizzes, and tutorials that will not only allow you to test your knowledge but also to enrich and deepen it.
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Produits Vetopharma et travail des ruches. Photographie par Thierry VINCENT.
Véto-pharma has just obtained the EPA federal registration for Amiflex®, a 7-day-flash treatment specially designed for bees and commercial operations.
Bioassay protocols to detect amitraz resistance have been proposed by several researchers in the previous years. But the variation of protocols can lead to different results. In addition, the result
Varroa destructor
Test your knowledge on the Integrated Pest Management strategies for Varroa destructor with this varroa quiz including 15 new questions!
Colorful hives on apiary in winter stand in snow among snow-covered trees. Wintering honeybees in fresh air outside winter. Beehives covered with snow in wintertime. Beekeeping.
New findings indicate varroa mites reduce bees’ ability to efficiently thermo-regulate their body temperature, making them more vulnerable to cold temperatures.
Produits Vetopharma et travail des ruches. Photographie par Thierry VINCENT.
After 25 years of use in beekeeping, Apivar still showed the best efficacy among varroa mite treatments tested in France in 2021.
Can we use Oxybee with a dosing gun? A question that we've been asked a lot! And the answer is a big yes. Yes, providing that you can set a