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Véto-pharma launches an educational and entertaining initiative titled “1 Day 1 Bee.”

Honey bees confront numerous threats including climate change, pesticides, parasites and pathogens (varroa mites, nosema, bacterial and viruses infections, Asian hornets, etc.), and the lack of forage and nutrition… Beyond their role in honey production, bees are vital pollinators, contributing to over 30% of the fruits and vegetables in our diet.

The initiative, “1 day 1 bee”, a part of Véto-pharma’s sustainable development commitments, aims to create awareness about the significance of preserving bees.

It provides information on their crucial role in maintaining food resources and diversifying our diet. The initiative strives to increase public awareness of the vital importance of pollinators in our ecosystem.

Véto-pharma launches an educational and entertaining initiative titled "1 Day 1 Bee."

1. An educational and entertaining program for all ages

At the heart of the project is a mission to engage the public with a comprehensive program, including activities and informative content. Participants will learn about honey-producing plants, ideal habitats for bees, seasonal dietary needs, honey-making processes, and pollination principles.

2. An invitation to dive into the fascinating world of honey bees

The initiative goes beyond education by offering a fun and interactive approach, including quizzes to test knowledge.

It also shares insights and figures from international organizations and research institutes, reinforcing the understanding of pollinators’ crucial role.

Embark with us on this adventure dedicated to preserving bees and safeguarding our ecosystems.

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