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At the Apiary

What actions should you plan throughout the season to promote the health of your colonies and anticipate challenges?
Anticipation is one of the keys to the success of your colonies throughout the season. To enhance colony health and anticipate challenges, you perform regular inspections, feed your bees, control parasite presence, tend to your queens, manage swarming, prepare for wintering, ... and most importantly, you stay informed about best practices, advice, and insights from other beekeepers.
So many tasks, efforts, and attention are required for the management and conservation of your colonies. It's with this in mind that we offer you these articles, to support you.
Breakthrough Research Unveils a Potential Shield Against Multiple Bee Viruses

As honey bee colonies confront escalating challenges, complicating the task of apiary management, a conglomerate of scientists from the University of Florida, the Agricultural Research Service-USDA, Louisiana State University, and

Varroa monitoring before the end of summer treatment is probably the most overlooked task performed by a beekeeper. Knowing pre-treatment mite loads will provide you with information as to what
Summer is here, so pack your sunglasses, stay hydrated, and don't forget to prepare your honey bee colonies!
Discover the 4 top priorities for beekeepers to prepare the hives for the spring build-up: from colony development inspection to wax renovation.
Trick or Treat? It's that time of the year again: the dark season has arrived. Let's share some terrible stories about monsters and evil creatures in honey bee colonie...
As the days are getting longer, and we are all looking forward to those extra rays of sunshine, you are not alone in the desire to stretch your legs and