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Asian Hornets

How to combat this threat and adopt proper trapping techniques for the Asian Hornet?
The Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) is an invasive species that threatens bee populations and ecosystems. Hovering in front of hives, the Asian hornet places significant stress on colonies, hindering their foraging. Without effective hornet trapping, colonies eventually weaken due to stress and lack of resources.
To better manage the hornet invasion, proper identification and understanding of its annual cycle are crucial. This knowledge guides the adaptation of trapping methods according to seasons. In this category, we provide educational resources to enhance comprehension and mastery of this pest.
In this quiz, we have put together 15 questions about the Asian hornet, from its Latin name Vespa velutina. The Asian hornet is a major predator of bees.
A recently published study conducted in 10 apiaries in the Eure department in the summer/autumn of 2019 compared the effectiveness and selectiveness of three Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) trapping devices
In December 2019, an unusually large hornet was spotted in Washington state by residents of Blaine and Bellingham, near the Canadian border. Click here to learn more about it.
To help fight against this pest and meet the various needs reported by users of the current VespaCatch trap, Véto-pharma has developed a new trap that’s sturdier and easier to
Every year is a little bit worse. In April, beekeepers in France start to see the first signs of the Asian hornet invasion. Founder females wake up early in April
With the recent discovery of new Asian hornets’ nests in the UK, now is the time to look again at the spread of this predator, which arrived in Britain in