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Véto-pharma amateur photo contest 2024 edition “Let’s value the honey bee and apiculture”

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Véto-pharma, in collaboration with Cycon, Kyrka, Alveis, MP Zootrade, M+H-Vet, and the Lithuanian Beekeepers Association, is hosting the 6th edition of the amateur photo contest “Let’s value the honey bee and apiculture” until August 31st, 2024. Since 2023, this contest has garnered European-wide interest and welcomes participants from various countries to showcase their love for bees and beekeeping while promoting the preservation of these vital pollinators.

1. The European success story continues to grow

Last year marked a pivotal moment as the competition expanded its reach across Europe, uniting photography and beekeeping enthusiasts from thirteen countries, including France. Encouraged by this achievement, we embark on the sixth year of this journey to promote and showcase the diverse practices of beekeeping across Europe. It emphasizes the unifying and universal nature of beekeeping and pollination, especially relevant as Europe’s beekeeping industry faces unprecedented challenges since 2023.

The contest aims to raise awareness about the critical role of bees in pollination and the necessity to support beekeepers dedicated to preserving these vital insects essential to our biodiversity.

2. Two themes, including one on pollinators from the Apidae family (1)

The contest introduces two captivating themes focusing on pollinators and beekeeping :

  • The first theme centers on the beekeeping landscape, capturing beekeepers in action within their apiaries.

Breaking new ground in 2024, the second theme expands to encompass a broader range of pollinating insects, specifically the Apidae family(1), which includes the iconic honey bee (Apis mellifera). 

  • This theme invites photographers to showcase: the honeybee and other hymenopteran insects within the Apidae family, such as carpenter bees, bumblebees, and long-antenna bees, engaged in pollination missions. 

These themes provide amateur photographers with a unique opportunity to showcase diverse beekeeping landscapes across different countries, highlighting beekeepers tending to their hives and emphasizing the pivotal role of pollinators in preserving biodiversity.

3. Four awards, including two children's awards and a special “Audience’s favorite” award

Four awards are up for grabs, including two specifically for children, along with a special award for the “audience´s favorite”. Participants will vie for these esteemed awards, with separate categories for adults and children, spanning both France and Europe. Submissions are open until August 31st, 2024, via the dedicated website www.photocontest-vetopharma.com, where rules and guidelines are outlined.

Winners will be announced in mid-October, accompanied by a digital event to honor their achievements. Simultaneously, the “Audience´s favorite” award will commence, allowing the public to vote online for their preferred photograph from the top twenty selections selected by juries across all participating countries.

Véto-pharma amateur photo contest 2024 edition “Let’s value the honey bee and apiculture”

(1) The Apidae family comprises insects within the Hymenoptera order, with the honey bee Apis mellifera being a member of this family.

Resources to learn more about Apidae:



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