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Conference Participation Earns ”Friendly, Satisfied Smiles” from Guests

Early January, members of Veto-pharma’s management team participated in several number of national beekeeping conferences.

Freddy Proni, Veto-pharma’s new North America Area Manager, and Ludo Thomas, COO and Sales Director, attended the American Beekeeping Federation held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, covering topics like the business of beekeeping, selling honey, queen problems, and Varroa mites. Phil Craft, North America Technical Advisor, was in Tempe, Arizona, for the American Honey Producers’ Association meeting, which included the ABRC research conference and the annual meeting of the Apiary Inspectors of America. Veto-pharma Product Manager, Joanna Collin, also attended the events.

“On the first evening of the ABRC research conference, Veto-pharma hosted a reception for participants and guests,” Phil said. “This is the fourth time Veto-pharma has hosted this annual event. I opened the evening’s social event with a welcome to all those attending, and thanks for the work performed by the honey bee scientists and students attending the research conference.”

“As always it was refreshing to forge new and edify existing relationships as well as further develop acquaintances into friendships,” Freddy said. “The conferences were great successes, with diverse traffic, customer interaction, and many friendly, satisfied smiles.”