Asian HornetsTrapping the asian hornet

New Asian hornet trap for increased protection of your hives

The Asian hornet is spreading deeper into Europe by 75 to 100km per year*, the fight against the insect is therefore a real issue for beekeepers. In addition, 2018 was a particularly difficult year in France, with hives under very significant pressure from the Asian hornet. In light of this, at Véto-pharma, we set ourselves the challenge of improving our model of Asian hornet trap, VespaCatch, making it more robust and even easier to use.

At the request of beekeepers, Véto-pharma has been finding innovative ways to facilitate the daily fight against the Asian hornet. To respond to the various issues raised by users of the current trap, our R&D teams have designed a new, more robust trap that is even easier to use. The packaging for the attractant solution has also been redesigned. The new version of the trap will be available during Summer 2019.

A robust trap that is easier to use

One of the key demands of users was for a more robust trap. The plastic used for the yellow bowl was deemed too fragile. In this new version, the bowl will be made of much thicker plastic to better withstand inclement weather and repeated handling. The system for attaching the trap has also been changed: the tie fastenings will be replaced with a hook for easier installation of the equipment. Lastly, for some packaging the trap will be delivered preassembled, in a case.

Asian hornet attractant: more practical packaging!

The Asian hornet attractant will come in two formats (a 1-litre bottle and a single-dose stick) and these have also been improved:

  • The 1-litre bottle has been completely redesigned: the shape is more compact and it has a new cap to limit the risk of leakage. This new cap includes a measuring device, making it easier for beekeepers to measure the attractant dosage, sugar and water required for the mixture.
  • The sticks now have the dilution indicated directly on the top, to prevent dosage errors.

New for 2019 on the Véto-pharma website

To enhance our distributor network, the new Asian hornet trap will be available on the Véto-pharma website** ( in 10-unit packs. This is a true innovation as up to now only 50-unit packs have been available to purchase on our website.

The new VespaCatch trap will be available on the Véto-pharma website during Summer 2019. Stay Tuned!

* Eric Darrouzet, Asian hornet specialist at the Insect Biology Research Institute (IRBI) in Tours.
**Not available for all the European countries. If the trap is not available for sale on our website for your country, please refer to our list of distributors.