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It’s here! The new VespaCatch hornet trap available in stores

Vespa velutina is the lovely Latin name for a fearsome predator feared by beekeepers and ordinary people alike. The Asian hornet continues its advance this year. To help fight against this pest and meet the various needs reported by users of the current VespaCatch trap, Véto-pharma has developed a new trap that’s sturdier and easier to use. The packaging of the liquid bait has also been redesigned. These new products are now available from your usual distributors.

Fighting an omnipresent threat

Nothing seems to be able to halt the progress of the Asian hornet through Europe. Beekeepers and their bees, who are the first victims, are undertaking trapping campaigns. There are two key moments: in the spring, to block the young queens’ advances, and in the summer and fall, when the nests have been established and both bees and humans are vulnerable to the predator’s attacks.

Foolproof sturdiness

The 2019 version of the VespaCatch trap includes a thick plastic bowl, designed to be weatherproof and resistant to handling. The attachment system has also been changed: the tie fastener has been replaced by a hook so the trap can be easily hung.

A more practical canister for the bait

 The shape of the hornet bait bottle has changed slightly. The new cap now includes a graduated dosing device that makes it easy to measure the quantities of bait, sugar and water required for the mixture.

How does it work? A video response

 Freddy Proni, of the Véto-pharma team, demonstrates how to assemble the VespaCatch trap and measure out the bait. Discover his tips in the Video tutorial

Back in stock!

The VespaCatch Asian hornet trap and bait are back in stock at your usual distributors.