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The 5th edition of the amateur photo contest “Let’s value honey bee and beekeeping” Véto-pharma opens its doors to Europe

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The EVA “Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille” – Véto-pharma organizes until August 31st, 2023, the 5th edition of the amateur photo contest entitled “Let’s value honeybee and beekeeping”. The contest now extends beyond the France’s borders and invites adult and child amateur photographers living in Europe to participate.

The fifth edition of the competition extends to Europe

The decision to expand the competition to a European scale follows the success of previous editions in France. The contest will further celebrate the diversity of beekeeping practices and demonstrate that the passion for beekeeping and honeybees is a common and universal theme. The goal of this contest is to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving honeybees and to promote the beekeeper who cares for them. Bees play a vital role in the pollination of plants and are essential to biodiversity. It is therefore essential to protect them and promote beekeepers’ efforts for their well-being.

A helping hand to women beekeepers

The topic of the 2022 edition was devoted exclusively to the job of beekeeper. We encouraged participants to highlight women beekeepers. Indeed, even if the number of women who practice beekeeping as an amateur or professional is increasing, they are still far from reaching gender parity.

Thus, we renew our encouragement to future participants so that they continue their support by offering us creations dedicated to them. The 2023 contest revolves around two themes: the bee and the beekeeper.

The contest offers two exciting topics: honeybee and beekeeper

They will allow participants to capture moments of beekeeping: “The beekeeper is the main actor of the activity in the apiary or honeybee plant (extraction, packaging, other, etc.)” and the beauty of the honeybee in its daily environments: ” The honeybee is the main subject performing one of its seven tasks for the colony”. These subjects offer photographers a unique opportunity to highlight the essential work of beekeepers and the crucial role of bees in our ecosystem.

Four prizes to be won, including two children’s awards and a special “Audience favorite” award.

Participants will have the chance to win one of the following five awards: two prizes for France – adult and child, and two prizes for Europe – adult and child. In addition to these prizes, an “Audience favorite” will also be awarded following the jury’s selection of the twenty best photographs. The ceremony of awards will take place on October 20th, 2023.

The location of the award ceremony will be communicated later. Photographers will have until midnight August 31st to submit their creations. Entries will only be made via our website dedicated www.photocontest-vetopharma.com, where details on the conditions of entry are also available.

In practice:

The competition is organized by Eva – Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille – Véto-pharma located in the center of France, supported by some beekeeping actors. The rules and conditions of participation are available on the internet: www.photocontest-vetopharma.com or on request by email: eva@vetopharma.com.

About EVA (The Honeybee Centre):

EVA (Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille, or Honeybee Centre) is a space dedicated to the support of honeybees and beekeeping and the research and development of new Véto-pharma products. Its educational space offers informative material and a living hive in a beekeeping environment. It hosts events and activities related to beekeeping, honey bees and bee hive products, and technical beekeeping conferences. 

About Véto-pharma

Véto-pharma, a French pharmaceutical laboratory entirely dedicated to honey bee health, has been involved for several years in projects and actions to support beekeeping for several years. Its core business is developing, producing, and distributing products to fight against two major colony predators in France and more than 37 countries worldwide.


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