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Quiz – Integrated Pest Management for varroa mites

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for varroa mites - the quiz - We gathered 15 questions to test your knowledge on Integrated Pest Management strategies for varroa mites. But wait... how can IPM apply in beekeeping ?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in beekeeping

This strategy describes an integrative and ecological approach to pest management. IPM strategies include various preventive and treatment options, considering seasonal changes and ecological and environmental factors.

Suppose we apply the definition of Integrated Pest Management to varroa. In that case, we aim to combine biotechnical means of control and treatments, associated with active monitoring of the parasite load throughout the season. This combination allows us to maintain the level of infestation below the threshold at which damage or an economically unacceptable loss appears.

We are thus moving from a reactive system (“I will treat after the last honeyflow”) to a preventive system: “I prevent varroa from reaching a damaging threshold for my colonies”.

On the menu of this test, you will find questions such as...

  • If beekeepers must treat against varroa anyway, why is monitoring necessary?
  • Pick mechanical hive management actions that can lower varroa infestation during the season
  • How can re-infestation affect honey bee colonies in autumn?
  • Select one of the most important management actions for a successful IPM program to control varroa mites


So many questions that are important to take into consideration!

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Here is the direct link: https://kahoot.it/challenge/003793801

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