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Casey Stackhouse: A New Chapter Begins at Véto-pharma

“I believe in helping others achieve their goals, I will ultimately achieve mine.” – Casey STACKHOUSE

Véto-pharma is thrilled to announce the newest addition to their team: Casey Stackhouse, who steps into the role of Sales Manager for Northern US & Canada, get to know him better with this portrait.

1. Casey's Career Trajectory

Casey’s professional voyage began in the IT sales, where he spent the last five years honing his skills. However, his true expertise lies in pharmaceutical, with an 18-year stint specializing in orphan/rare diseases within the neurology and pulmonary fields. Casey’s expertise and understanding of the industry position him perfectly to drive impactful initiatives and elevate Véto-pharma’s presence and achievements within the region.

What sets Casey apart is not just his professional acumen but also his interests outside the boardroom. Casey harbored a latent fascination with beekeeping long before joining Véto-pharma. Despite merely entertaining the idea in the past, it wasn’t until now that he decided to delve into this newfound passion. The spark was ignited by a childhood friend in North Texas who owns over 50 beehives. Witnessing his friend’s journey from just two hives to a thriving apiary piqued Casey’s curiosity. Moreover, his education in the nuances of honey production from Texas Range Honey in Celina (TX) further fueled his interest, distinguishing between store-bought and raw honey.

Casey Stackhouse

2. 'I'm 3rd' Mantra

Beyond his professional pursuits, Casey’s life is enriched by his interests and passions, with time being his most cherished asset. He finds solace and joy in creating precious moments with friends and family, often gravitating towards the serene beauty of beaches or lakes. This penchant for meaningful connections underscores his life values, encapsulated in the mantra, “I’m 3rd.” For Casey, faith takes precedence, followed by a commitment to serving others before himself. He firmly believes that by prioritizing the well-being and success of those around him, he will inevitably realize his own aspirations.

3. His personal triumph

Casey’s journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges, and one anecdote stands as a testament to his impregnable spirit. On September 25, 2018, Casey faced a life-altering ordeal—a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. Doctors delivered a grim prognosis, predicting paralysis, loss of speech, and a slim chance of survival. Today, he stands among the less than 1% who have fully recovered from such a catastrophic event. His faith served as a beacon of hope during the darkest of times, propelling him towards a miraculous recovery.


As Casey embarks on this new chapter with Véto-pharma, his journey serves as a poignant reminder of the power of perseverance, passion, and faith. From IT sales to pharmaceuticals, and now to the enchanting world of beekeeping, Casey Stackhouse exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity and a relentless pursuit of his passions.

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