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Abderrahim Hammaidi, Technical Manager for France and Europe

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Welcome, Abderrahim!


We are delighted to welcome Abderrahim Hammaidi to the Véto-pharma team, where he holds the position of Technical Manager for France and Europe. Abderrahim is a veterinarian by training and holds a beekeeping technician diploma. He was himself a beekeeper in the family apiary for several years.

You may have seen him at the SIMAPI congress in Avignon (France). But for those who missed it, here is a portrait that will allow you to get to know him better.

Technical Manager at Véto-pharma
Photo in the beehive in Chaillac (France).

Passion for bees since adolescence

Abderrahim’s story in beekeeping began in 2010, when he was only 16 years old. His first immersion was in family beekeeping in collaboration with his uncle. This initial experience played a determining role in shaping his interest in the fascinating world of bees. The following year, at the age of 17, he decided to formalize his commitment to this passion by obtaining a diploma as a beekeeping technician after undergoing intensive training.

During this training period, Abderrahim had the opportunity to hone his skills with his uncle, an agricultural engineer specializing in beekeeping. This close collaboration provided him with a valuable opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and receive advice from an experienced expert. From 2011 to 2015, they worked together in the field of beekeeping, focusing especially on swarm production. This period marked the beginning of an exciting professional career in the fascinating world of beekeeping.

Veterinary Doctor: a taste forged since childhood

Beyond his dedication to beekeeping, Abderrahim’s journey extends far beyond the hives. Born on a family farm, he grew up surrounded by various animals such as dogs, cows and sheep. This closeness to the animal world forged in him a special affinity for the veterinary field. After leaving school, he chose to put his skills to work as a rural veterinarian.

This professional experience gave him the unique opportunity to combine his technical knowledge with his deep love for animals. By intervening directly in the field, on farms, he was able to provide essential care and advice, thus contributing to the health and well-being of herds. This experience as a rural veterinarian highlights his versatility and his commitment to the animal world, thus enriching his professional and personal career.

His professional career

After obtaining his veterinary degree, Abderrahim went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Drug Science and a diploma in International Trade. He then joined an animal health laboratory specialized in probiotics for 4 years.

Among his main qualities are his adaptability, his relentless curiosity, his effective public communication, his ability to work in a team, his perseverance and his unwavering passion. These attributes give him an undeniable added value, both in the field of beekeeping and veterinary medicine.

This fusion of skills, together with his passion for the beekeeping world, promises to enrich the perspectives of the Véto-pharma team and the service we wish to provide to beekeepers.

His passions... beyond beekeeping!

Outside his professional responsibilities, Abderrahim finds balance and enrichment in his personal passions. His love for cooking is especially evident in his ability to prepare a delicious lemon tart (without meringue!). In addition, his bibliophilia leads him to explore diverse horizons, from history to philosophy to sociology to detective novels. He gets great satisfaction from his thirst for knowledge.


We are delighted to welcome him to the Véto-pharma team and we are sure that he will be an exceptional interlocutor to answer your questions and technical problems. Don’t hesitate to say hello to him when you see him at the next beekeeping meetings.

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