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Author: Phil Craft

Amiflex is currently registered as a Restricted Use Pesticide. Learn about regulations, licensing, and acquiring RUP permits.
No need to introduce Apivar anymore! It is probably the most used registered miticide in the United States, and beekeepers have LOT of questions on specific cases or scenarios of
The effective recognized monitoring methods, alcohol washes and powdered sugar rolls, utilize a sample of approximately one-half cup of honey bees by volume. The purpose of both of these methods
An article wrote by Phil Craft, beekeeper and retired Kentucky bee inspector, wanted to share his experience about swarming. Click to learn more about swarming season.
Farmers are accustomed to feeding and caring for animals, but sometimes it’s difficult to think of honey bees as livestock. After all, they are basically wild creatures for whom we
In addition to serving as Veto-pharma’s United States technical adviser, Phil Craft also writes a Question/Answer column – “Ask Phil” - in Bee Culture magazine.