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Apivar Tutorial Video: how to properly use Apivar strips?

Veto-pharma has released a revised tutorial video for its market-leading Apivar miticide, providing hints and tips for successful treatment of colonies.

“Having received inquiries from a number of customers, it became apparent that some people were either misinterpreting Apivar’s application instructions or experimenting with their own application techniques,” said Freddy Proni, Véto-pharma North America Area Manager. “We decided that a new tutorial video would help customers better understand the application process and guide them to better results.”

The video was shot at Veto-pharma’s company apiary located in Chaillac, France and features Freddy Proni demonstrating the proper application process and providing hints and tips for successful treatment of colonies.

“Our extensive product testing, together with more than two decades of anecdotal evidence, has yielded a proven application process for Apivar,” Freddy said. “Customers who follow the application instructions to the letter will better control Varroa populations in their colonies, while those who try their own procedures will always get sub-par results. The updated tutorial should help guide Apivar users to optimal efficacy.”

Apivar is varroa mite treatment that kills up to 99 percent of mites in one application, and has proven safe and effective for more than 20 years under a wide range of climate and beekeeping conditions.* Apivar leaves no significant residues in honey and it is among the most convenient and easy-to-use miticides available on the market today.

* Monitoring sensitivity to amitraz helps maintain our arsenal of anti-varroa weapons- Raphaèle Massard,Véto-pharma, France, 2019. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0005772X.2018.1553671