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Announcement of the winners of the photo contest

Véto-pharma and its French and European partners are pleased to announce the 4 winners of France and Europe 2023 edition of the free national amateur photography competition entitled “Let’s promote bees and beekeeping”.

As in previous years, the competition aims to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving honey bees and to highlight the essential work of the beekeepers who take care of them. Honey bees are vital in pollinating plants and are crucial in keeping biodiversity and sustainability.

The 2023 award- winning "Let's value honey bees and beekeeping" are:

Here are the names of the winners of our 4 Adult and Child awards, in France and Europe:

  • France adult award: Nathalie Quirin
  • France children’s award: Andréa Perkovic – aged 11
  • Europe adult award: James Wong – United Kingdom
  • Europe child award: Kornelija Zukauskas – aged 13 – Lithuania

Congratulations to our four winners!

Prix France adulte : Nathalie Quirin (86)
France adult award: Nathalie Quirin
Nathalie Quirin
Nathalie Quirin
Prix France enfant : Andréa Perkovic – 11 ans (27)
France children's award: Andréa Perkovic - aged 11
Andréa Perkovic
Andréa Perkovic
Prix Europe adulte : James Wong – Royaume-Uni
Europe adult award: James Wong - United Kingdom
James Wong
James Wong
Prix Europe enfant : Kornelija Zukauskas - 11 ans - Lituanie
Europe child award: Kornelija Zukauskas - aged 13 - Lithuania
Kornelija Zukauskas
Kornelija Zukauskas

Two unique themes dedicated to honey bees and beekeeping

The 2023 contest, launched in May, featured two topics this year:

  • The beekeeper as the main subject working in the apiary or honey house (extraction, packaging, etc.).
  • The honey bee as the main subject performing one of its seven functions for the colony (nurse, forager, guardian, etc.).

Participants could submit up to two photographs each by August 31st 2023.

The new challenge of the 2023 competition: Attracting Europeans

More than just a player in the beekeeping industry, Véto-pharma has been activating its resources for many years in various initiatives to promote bees and beekeeping. This competition is a concrete example. Since its creation in 2018, it has attracted more than 800 participants in France. So why not deploy and expand a community of lovers and enthusiasts of photography and beekeeping while allowing younger people to express their creativity on themes that unite all nationalities?

A dedicated online platform has been set up in French and English to give everyone access to the competition via a single address and make it easy to submit.

This new challenge has mobilized many photographers of 13 nationalities, with the support of partners and local beekeepers. This is a great start, and we hope we can keep inspiring new amateur photographers to participate in the 2024 edition next year.

Difficult photos and choices for the two juries

The juries, composed of photographers, beekeepers, our partners, Veto-pharma’s members, and elected representatives from France, faced a significant challenge in assessing the finalist photographs. The choices were close, as some of the entries showed the passion and creativity of the participants. Some images captivated by their composition, others with their powerful message about the relationship between man and bees, while still others sparked wonder by revealing the fascinating details of bee life in macro photography. The participants skillfully captured the beauty of beekeeping, the commitment of beekeepers, and the incredible diversity of tasks performed by bees within their colony.

The two contest topics inspired the photographers in wonderful ways, but it was the honey bee theme that particularly caught their attention.

Winners Interviews

"Favorite" special award

The competition is not quite over yet. As in previous editions, the public can vote for their favorite photograph from among the 20 selected. A special ‘People’s Favorite’ prize will be awarded to the winner with the most votes. Voting will be open until November 21st and will be collected online via a special link (https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/favorite-photo-2023).

Information will also be posted on the blog (www.blog-veto-pharma.com) and on Véto-pharma’s social networks. The winner will be announced at the end of November.

Prix spécial ”coup de cœur” du public
Selection of photos for the Public’s “Coup de Coeur” Special Prize

A new exhibition is available to everyone.

As with previous editions, the 2023 exhibition, based on the 20 best photos from France and Europe combined, will be made available only in France to all local authorities, associations, and partners.

The partners : Chaillac (36) and Valençay (36) towns, the Centre and Berry beekeepers’ union, the national beekeeping unions: UNAF and SNA – Abeille de France, Kyrka Beekeeping Cycle, Cycon Animal Health and members of the jury join Véto-pharma to congratulate the winners and thank all who participated in the 2023 competition.

“The success of this contest demonstrates the power of photography to raise public awareness of the need to preserve bees and their crucial role in our ecosystem. It can also inspire people to become beekeepers and take a greater interest in honey bees”.