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Webinar Introduces ApiLifeVar to US Markets

ApiLifeVar, the thymol-based treatment for Varroa mites in honey bee colonies, is now distributed in the US by Véto-pharma via its Mann Lake and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm partners. ApiLifeVar is very well-known in Europe and leads the European market for thymol-based products. Véto-pharma is expanding the product’s market presence in North America, and a March 7, 2018 webinar helped build awareness among US beekeepers while educating them about ApiLifeVar’s many benefits.

Hosted by Chemicals Laif’s Technical Manager, Jacopo Milazzo, the webinar thoroughly explained the product, described its mode of action, and outlined its key benefits.

The webinar was captured and posted on YouTube, where it can be viewed here.

Véto-pharma has supplemented the webinar with a video tutorial that explains how to use ApiLifeVar. The tutorial can be seen here.

To learn more about this new product, visit the Véto-pharma web site at