Oxybee traitement varroa compatible en bio
Oxybee traitement varroa compatible en bio
Fight varroa mitesVarroa

OXYBEE: A new product to fight varroa in the European Union

Véto-pharma announces the launch of a new innovative, economical and easy-to-use anti-Varroa treatment in Europe: Oxybee. This product, which is compatible with organic beekeeping, will be distributed exclusively by Véto-pharma in the European Union member states* only.

A new innovative formula in the fight against the Varroa mite Véto-pharma will soon be distributing Oxybee, an innovative Varroa treatment based on oxalic acid, glycerol and aniseed and eucalyptus essential oils, in the European Union. This product is compatible with organic beekeeping. The use of glycerol is a key benefit for this new product as this ingredient improves the adherence of the oxalic acid to the bees and, as a result, its dissemination through contact within the colony.(1) In a field study, Oxybee proved more effective than another oxalic acid-based medicine without glycerol (study carried out on 45 hives, 3 groups of 15 hives across 2 sites in Germany [Bavaria and Lower Saxony]).(2)



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  2. Efficacy trial Oxybee – Germany 2012 (study presented in Market authorization dossier).