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Germany Relaxes Restrictions on Sale of Oxalic Acid-based Products

Oxybee, Veto-pharma’s recently introduced treatment for Varroa mites, can now be purchased in Germany via retail beekeeping outlets having a license to sell Varroa treatments. Previously, customers in Germany could purchase the product only through pharmacies, veterinarians and local veterinary authorities.

“German authorities have relaxed the distribution requirements for all oxalic acid-dihydrate-based medicines with a concentration of up to 5.7 percent and all thymol-based medicines intended for treating bee colonies,” said Ulrike Marsky, Veto-pharma Technical Manager. “Oxybee is a treatment based on oxalic acid, glycerol and aniseed and eucalyptus essential oils, and can now be purchased from the authorized beekeeping suppliers in Germany.”

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OXYBEE powder and solution for 39,4 mg/ml bee-hive dispersion for honey bees.

Composition: 1 ml of mixed bee-hive dispersion contains 39,4 mg of oxalic acid dehydrate.

Indication(s) for use : For the treatment of varroosis (Varroa destructor) of honey bees (Apis mellifera) in brood free colonies. Withdrawal period(s) : Honey: zero days. Do not use during honey flow.

Special precautions : This veterinary medicinal product is highly acidic and could have irritating and corrosive effects on the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Personal protective equipment consisting of protective clothing, acid-proof gloves and safety glasses should be worn.

Marketing authorisation holder: Dany Bienenwohl GmbH, Geyerspergerstr. 27, 80689 Munich, Germany.

Distributed by: Veto-Pharma, 14 avenue du Québec, ZA Courtaboeuf, 91140 Villebon-sur-Yvette, France. V0119 Oxybee is a veterinary medicine.

Please ask advice to your veterinarian, pharmacist or sanitary organization. In case of persistence of clinical signs, consult with your veterinarian. Read carefully the instructions on the product label before use.