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Learn About ApiLifeVar with a new tutorial video

New tutorial video explains how ApiLifeVar has grown to be one of the most-effective natural Varroa treatment available on the market.

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Véto-pharma recently completed production of a tutorial video for its ApiLifeVar product, a thymol-based treatment for Varroa mites in honey bee colonies. The video, also available on YouTube on this link, describes the product, explains its mode of action, and outlines its key benefits.

ApiLifeVar has been used in 34 countries for several years, and is the current thymol-based product market leader in Europe. This success is due to its unique formulation, which is a solution composed of four natural ingredients: thymol, camphor, L-menthol and eucalyptus oil. This exclusive formulation allows a better release of thymol by contact, in addition to evaporation, which improved its efficacy. In addition, it reduces the thymol dosage in each application, increasing tolerability in honey bees.

According to the National Management Survey of the Bee Informed Partnership (References 1,2,3), colonies treated with ApiLifeVar have better overwinter survival rates than those of hives treated with any other natural Varroa treatments available in U.S. during the last three years. This fact highlights the effectiveness of the ApiLifeVar formulation, and its limited side-effects, which will not weaken colonies before wintering.

ApiLifeVar is now distributed in the US by Véto-pharma via its Mann Lake and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm partners. Manufactured by Chemicals Laif, an Italian company, ApiLifeVar is very well-known in Europe and leads the European market for thymol-based products.

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