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Véto-Pharma expands across Europe

Last October, the new European suppliers were invited to step into Véto-pharma’s halls for a two-day beekeeping immersion course. The European partners, from a wide variety of countries including Hungary, Lithuania, England, Ireland, Croatia and Cyprus, were welcomed by our CEO, Raphaèle Massard.

The aim of this seminar was to present the company (infrastructure and employees), but more importantly to teach our European suppliers about our new products. It is important to us for the suppliers who sell our products to be convinced of their quality and able to convey it. Mission accomplished: this meeting, full of fruitful discussion, strengthened our bonds and consolidated our European foothold.

Véto-pharma expands across Europe
An account of the seminar held with our European suppliers

On Tuesday, October 17, 12 apiculture suppliers from all over Europe landed in France. Our Véto-pharma staff awaited them to welcome them to an introductory seminar on the Véto-pharma’s infrastructure, products and manufacturing methods, all designed with bees’ health in mind. When they stepped off the plane, the adventure was only just beginning: first, they were off to the A10, which would bring the team to Chaillac, a hot spot for beekeeping, as it is the site of our production facility, our experimental apiary and our Honey bee valuation centre (EVA). Our Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, English, Irish, Lithuanian, Croatian and Cypriot suppliers got to know each other in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Best practices and feedback were freely shared: the European bee discussion was highly constructive!

Day 1: Training

The first day of the seminar started with a presentation of Véto-pharma: its staff, figures, development, positioning and values. Presenting the staff was key for Véto-pharma in order to allow its partners to “put a face to the contact people they frequently talk with on the phone”. Next, the various products distributed by our European partners were presented in detail. The aim was to show our distributors how they are manufactured, what decisions we made between the Research & Development stage and beginning to sell the solutions. All questions were permitted. By doing this, we hoped that our distributors would develop a sense of pride in the products in order to convince them of the suitability and quality of the solutions proposed.

Day 2: Guided tour of the production line and the apiary

A tour is the best way to see and understand. Véto-pharma’s teams organised a circuit for the European partners so they could meet all of the steps and people involved in the production line. The supply of materials, quality control, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified processes and all of the recently restored equipment: our distributors were immersed in Véto-pharma’s production process. The Research & Development division was also part of the tour. A strategic point that Véto-pharma is proud to present, as it provides hope for the future of the beekeeping industry. The three days of immersion culminated in the observation of the experimental apiary. A meeting full of fruitful discussion that strengthened the ties between Véto-pharma and its European distributors.