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Grand opening of EVA: Véto-pharma honey bee valuation center

Surrounded by its partners, Véto-pharma celebrated the inauguration of eva (Espace de Valorisation de l’Abeille or Honey Bee Valuation Center) in Chaillac, conveniently located in the center of France. All the guests present at the opening ceremony enthusiastically welcomed the announcement of Eva’s goals, its added value to beekeeping and to the local economy, and strongly expressed their satisfaction and congratulations.The guests seemed extremely impressed with the 360 square meter building outfitted with multitude of tools to promote beekeeping and honey bees.

EVA, a Veto-pharma commitment and support to beekeeping:

Veto-pharma has been committed for several years to projects and supportive actions for sustaining beekeepers facing a variety of problems and risks that threaten beekeeping activities and colony survival. The most recent of these projects – EVA – is placed near our pharmaceutical industrial plant where some of our products are produced with the goal of developing and enhancing local beekeeping.

The Eva complements the introduction in 2014 of an Apiculture Research Center including a testing apiary of 150 colonies and a laboratory supported by a researcher – beekeeper.

A collective space, to promote the development of beekeeping:

Eva consists of two parts: a collective honey extraction plant, and an educational space to promote beekeeper trade and enhance beekeeping activity.

The honey extraction plant space provides local beekeepers with reliable tools, in compliance with the best practices of extraction, to improve the quality of honey and the professionalization of beekeeping activity in this region where beekeeping is not well developed. The eva provides two lines for honey extraction: A small line dedicated to small apiaries (1 to 50 hives), and a second semi-automatic dedicated to larger apiaries (up to 300 hives).

The educational space with an area is organized around a living hive, and offers printed educational materials and videos. Events and activities about beekeeping, honey bee, hive products and beekeeping conferences and technical training will be organized.

Veto-pharma, its team and its partners dealt with a lot of heart this beautiful project, hoping to contribute even more to the valuation of honey bees and beekeeping, and to support the beekeeping industry for tomorrow.

The words of Véto-pharma’s president, Raphaèle Massard:

“Our objective in the coming months is to fill the Eva with life and to become a beekeeping reference in this area of France. This center is dedicated 100% to beekeeping and complements our 150 colony testing apiary, the project at the heart of our research and development plan to offer new solutions to honey bee health issues.”


video.pngVideo of the inauguration