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A turning point for Véto-pharma: products now available from our Web site

You need Asian hornet traps as summer comes along? You can now order them directly from Véto-pharma’s Web site. Véto-pharma started selling online to be more flexible saleswise (shipping small orders) and meet the demand of European customers who did not have access to our products until now.

Making Life Easier for Beekeepers

We can now fill special orders and meet the specific requirements of individual customers. This is how we keep innovating at Véto-pharma. Until now the laboratory did not take small orders. With the opening of our e-commerce site, beekeepers and other customers can order any product in our catalog via the internet. Véto-pharma can now offer a wider range of products, especially the one that were not available from the retailers in their country.

Our products are available to all

The new sales channel complements our distributor’s network in areas where we did not have a partner yet, and where it was difficult to get our products. Beekeepers from all over Europe can now order Véto-pharma products Not wasting any time, customers from Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia started ordering via the e-commerce site right away.

“Making our products available to all beekeepers and individuals in E.U. contributes to raise people’s awareness on the bees’ health issue. This is really what motivates us day after day at Véto-pharma” explains Raphaèle Massard.

Products that relate to nutrition, Asian Hornet, or tools for the apiary can be bought on line here.

Three ways to get Véto-pharma products

The launch of a retail Web site is concomitant with the opening of sales to interest groups. Véto-pharma is now marketing its products via three sales channels: beekeeping distributors, interest groups, and a retail Web site!

The opening up of a retail web site shows that the whole beekeeping industry is changing and shifting towards digitization. In launching its own e-commerce site, Véto-pharma contributes to the modernization of the sector and seizes opportunities to innovate while meeting the needs of its customers.