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A line-up packed with colourful images in Chaillac (France)

On the 22 June, the 1st photography competition organised by Véto-pharma and its partners brought together representatives of the town and region, award-winners, beekeepers, those involved in the local and national sector and competition entrants, to present the awards to the winners. Entrants were required to send in a photograph on the theme of “honey bees” or “beekeepers at the hive”. Four award-winners were announced out of a total of 200 candidates. A special “Coup de Cœur” award for best photograph voted for by public will be presented at the end of the exhibition.

“It was not easy to select the finalists as the photographs were all as beautiful and original as each other. What is more beautiful than watching a bee visit a colourful flower or discovering the work of a beekeeper at the hive?” explains a member of the panel.

Winners of the 1st photography competition:

  • National award (adult): Philippe Weibel (11)
  • National award (child): Landry Tessier (85)
  • Indre award (adult): Hervé Mansuy (36)
  • Indre award (child): Chloé Roy (36)

To keep this bee initiative going, the photographs selected by the panel will be the subject of an exhibition in the town of Chaillac from 22 June to 29 September 2018. 20 large-format creations will then be made available to communes wishing to present the beauty of bees and the beekeeping profession to their residents.

A special “Coup de Cœur” award for the best photograph displayed will be presented at the end of the exhibition based on votes from the public. A ballot box will be set up in the reception of the EVA in Chaillac where votes may be cast. After the exhibition closes, the award will be presented to the winner.

A 2nd competition in 2019 to support the beekeeping sector and raise awareness on the protection of bees. Following the success of the 1st competition in 2018, we are planning a second competition. Come and join us in 2019!

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Winners, members of the panel and partners