30 ans usine
30 ans usine
Committed to beekeepingVéto-pharma

30 years of innovations serving bee health

Véto-pharma’s production site has turned 30! The Véto-pharma teams came to celebrate this anniversary and renew their trust in this site in Indre (central France) that has manufactured the Apivar treatment and several solutions for bee health for over 20 years. This event provided an opportunity to go behind the scenes in the lab, which is constantly growing and developing innovations to serve bees and beekeepers!

Véto-pharma: innovative R&D in the heart of France

On Friday, October 19th, Véto-pharma welcomed everyone who assisted in the creation and development of its pharmaceutical manufacturing site, located in France: elected territorial officials, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and all of its partners. They toured the site and admired the progress made since 1988. Today, this site in Indre (France) employs 58 people and deploys considerable R&D effort to developing the beekeeping solutions of the future.

A valuable presence for the territory of Indre

In their speeches before the assembly, the Members of the Department, the President of the Departmental Council, the Mayor, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry declared their admiration for this pharmaceutical production site located in the countryside. They emphasized the positive growth that Véto-pharma has experienced in the last three decades thanks to its management’s and its teams’ commitment.

A long-term R&D strategy

A retrospective exhibit composed of informational panels traced the company’s progress over the years (the gradual expansion of the production surfaces, upgrades to the facilities). Véto-pharma’s philosophy is resolutely focused on innovation. The company counts on its teams, who work with rigour and are attentive to the needs of the veterinary sector. Bees and the beekeeping industry are lucky to have a lab of such high quality dedicated to bee health.

In the words of Raphaèle Massard, the CEO of Véto-pharma: “To continue our collaboration and maintain the trust that our customers have placed in us in the last 30 years, we must continue to work as a team with unfailing pharmaceutical rigour and attentiveness to your new needs, so that together, we can develop new products.